Church Membership

Dear Parishoners,

Our church was always a sanctuary from the difficulties of life. Our church is written in the history of our lives. With strength and love the church opened the doors for the advancement of our culture.

Our personal abilities have been recognized, our professional abilities have been recognized, but we must never forget the factors that contributed to our success and development.

When the time comes and our assistance is required, we owe it to show it. We should all be eager to give even the least that we can in order to quiet the need. We need to show strength and love in order to achieve our goals, and uniting our donation will be a pillar that keeps the church strong for years to come.

Even paying for one candle could be more important than we think. Come with your heart open and become a member of our church and participate in any way you can. We count on your generosity in order to achieve our vision and hope that our parish can grow and develop.